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New Beginnings: Welcome to the Skin And Spirit Podcast!

From episode: Skin And Spirit Podcast: E1 - New Beginnings

Welcome to Emi's show, New Beginnings. From Jesus callings to natural skincare and everywhere in between, I asked and you responded. I recently shared that I was delving into a new adventure, podcasts, and video creations. I asked who would be interested in being a guest on my show. And to my surprise, there were quite a few other skincare formulators who were interested in both my topics. Topics being skincare formulators and brands, and the other topic, Jesus callings and testimonials. I received messages from other Christians in my school that were so passionate about my idea that I had to rethink what my show would be about. For now, I will have a blend. I'm excited to share my stories and to hear how others have overcome so much. And while natural formulation is my passion, I've been craving for a creative way to serve Jesus. Build on the rock. Let's talk about what it says in the Bible. I'm going to be honest, I am not a Bible scholar, but there are certain things that stand out to me. So while I might not be able to be like my children who can memorize verses, I have verses that call out to me that say, you know what, this is what you need to hear in this moment. And God calls out and shows me these verses. And one of the verses that stands out to me is Luke 46 through 49, or one of Jesus's parables. And this shows up in other places in the gospel. I wouldn't be able to memorize what it says, but I'll just get into it.

But why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not do the things which I say?

Now, for me, when I read that, I'm just like, okay, I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. And I have been praying for him, I pray to him. And I've been praying to Jesus for how grateful I am for what he's given me, or I'll ask to overcome things. But now, but now my heart is changed. The Bible saying more than just, "use Jesus to get what you want." You can't do that. You just because you pray to him and all of that you got a friendship doesn't go one way, or it's not a real friendship. So when you when I'm building my relationship with Jesus, I want to, to give to him too. How do I do that as a skincare formulator? Anyways, so I've been feel like I've been called to be obedient to do God's will to do what Jesus wants us to do. And that's to preach the gospel, and to share, to share the good news.

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