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How I'm Shifting My Passion to Benefit Jesus

From episode: Skin And Spirit Podcast: E1 - New Beginnings

It's so easy for me to go into needy mode where I only call on the Lord for when I'm struggling, or when someone is sick, but since my baptism, my focus has been corrected, and I feel my focus shifting to praise Jesus, and to share the good news. So then I'm left wondering, well, how can I shift my passion to believe to benefit Jesus as well? The obvious was to give 10 % of business earnings to the church, but then I'm left with feeling like that isn't enough. But there really isn't a way to grow a business by giving more, but maybe I could share about my journey, others journeys, or we could share how we discovered Christ in our lives.

From my alopecia followers to my skincare customers, I have a start to a platform to be me, to be a broken girl made new. Also, I'm still a huge piece of work. I just imagine Jesus shaking His head, looking down at me all the time, but that is the journey, and the gift is His ultimate grace... As I read my skincare formulator peer's responses to my new adventure, when I announced my new adventure, I felt like I was on the right path. Maybe this whole show will change completely, or it will need a little tweaking in time, but just the excitement alone from other Christian formulators was validation that starting a show is a good start to my next adventure.

"we can be the light for Jesus wherever we go"

What IS next for Emmy's shows, you ask? Hang in there. I may do various mini shows while I figure out my structure and build a platform. Like today, I'm reading from script. I hope to not always be reading from script. You can be a guest for whichever topic that I've mentioned, whether it's skincare formulator or Christ -centered topic. I like the idea of doing testimonials or being obedient to your Jesus calling, whether your calling is in politics or, um, anywhere. Anywhere. Anyways. Sorry, I'll give you more ideas. Politics, or even in the education system, or as a teacher, you know, that would fall into education. Because we can be the light for Jesus wherever we go, no matter what our job is, or what our not job is. Not all of us are working. Some of us are home, either with children or disability. We all have a Jesus calling.

All right, let's continue on my script here... Pray for me, please. I really try to tread carefully when talking about Jesus in the midst of running a business because I want my intentions to be pure, to be right with Him. Obviously, I'm like most of us trying to put money in the bank and to provide for my family and grow a skincare business. I'm going to glorify Him and not use Him as a podium to show my business, but rather the opposite and use my business and other platforms to show Him and His works.

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