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About Emmie, Founder of Emmie's Remedies

Meet Emily Becker, an Organic Skincare Formulator who is passionate about creating natural skincare formulations. Emily AKA, "Emmie" is a business owner, a homeschooling mother, and a follower of Christ. Her website,, is a hub for all her organic skincare products, and it is where she shares her love for clean beauty. One of Emmie's popular products is the Daily Moisturizing Face Cream, which is retailed on This product is made from organic ingredients and is perfect for all skin types. This was her first product brought to market, that she designed specifically for her mother-in-law who became sensitive to the synthetic ingredient, Propylene Glycol. Emmie's goal is to provide people with clean skincare products that are effective and safe for their skin. Aside from running her business, Emmie loves teaching her children with Christian values at home through homeschooling. She believes that education should not only be about academic excellence, but also about character development. Emily also takes time to study Advance Cosmetics Science to improve her skills and knowledge as an Organic Skincare Formulator. She shares her love for cosmetic science with her kids through science experiments and simple formula's like creating bug repellent blends and fun fizzy bath bombs. Emily's mission is not only to provide clean skincare products but also to serve Jesus with everything she does. She asks her readers, "If you could impact the world in a more positive way and share about Jesus in the regular work you do, would you?". She answers YES to her own question, helping friends and customers when they ask. Praying for anyone who needs it and praising God for the miracles in her life (big and small). We hope that through her work you will see how Emmie strives to serve people with clean skincare and to serve Jesus. She thanks her blog readers for their support and is excited to announce the launch of her new podcast soon. Stay tuned for more updates from Emily Becker, the Organic Skincare Formulator.

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