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So here is my product pre-launch: This is my Intensive Renewing Night Cream, when finalized will be valued at $98 for 3.3oz. Featuring Bakuchiol in the original form from Bakuchi oil - this is Retinol's competition in the world of natural cosmetics! And it puts up a very good fight providing:
- Wrinkle Reduction
- Antioxidant
- Sebum Control
If you like researching botanicals, herbs and beauty oils this is a fun one! But also should be used very cautiously and with professional guidance. Fruit acids are essentially AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) that work on the surface of your skin to exfoliate, brighten, improve skin tone and texture and combat signs of ageing. This is seen in the Hawaiian Kat Cream in several forms and delivery systems like the Hawaiian fruit extracts (Papaya, Mango) and salicylic acid. This is a great new natural item for anyone looking to improve their natural beauty! The combination of Bakuchi and Tamanu along with the cleansing and renewing properties of the "actives" makes this cream an ideal Intensive Renewing Night Cream for these skin types: Normal, Oily, Combination, Acne Prone, Sensitive. While this item may actually really benefit dry or comprised skin (like psoriasis etc) always do a skin test on a small area of your skin.
What do you think? Who wants one?
I have 10 bottles I will list throughout the week with crazy discounts as I reformulate and perfect the cool down phase. You can always reach out to me for a quick venmo/cashapp sale if I don't have the listing up fast enough for you 😊 Don't be shy comment your questions and let me know if you want to try this amazing (delicious smelling) cream đŸ„°

#formulabotanica #retinol #renew #naturalskincare #emmiesremedies

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